The Steven K Sports race team has been involved with cycling since 1990 through racing, team management, marketing, and product development.  We are a National Mountain Bike Race Team that competes in Cross-Country, Marathon, Super D, Endro, Downhill, and Cyclo-cross races throughout the U.S. 

Team's Top Race Results:
We have been the #1 Mountain Bike Race Team in California 7 years in a row.

We are proud of two of our Pro riders who raced in two different World Championships:  
The marathon in Switzerland and 5th place in the Cross Country in Canada.

2011 We are one of the top 5 29er Pro Teams in the U.S. in Super D/XC.

2010 the #1 29er Pro Team in the US in Super D/XC.

CA. Pro Super D overall Championship 6 times

Top 5 CA overall Pro XC Championships 9 times

1st overall in the U.S. Pro Super D in 2010


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Your Company Benfits of Sponsorship:

Your Company logo on the team website, team racing apparel, banners at the events, team vehicles, hats, casual wear, bikes, and handouts of promotional giveaway items at races. At the races we have a booth for our Race Team, Partners, & Sponsors. Use our team in your marketing, PR, R&D to show consumers the possibilities of your products and what they can do.

Your company can use our team in your marketing to convey to consumers the durability of your products and your connection to racing.  Co-op ads in conjunction with some of our other sponsors can be developed and placed in major cycling publications.
       Your company receives exposure on our facebook, website, e-mails, twitter, and at the races.  Your logo is seen by 24,000 to 60,000 people, 1 to 5 times a month.  This large number of viewers is growing every day!





The Pay Off & Benefits:

National exposure of your products directly to your target market. California is the biggest cycling market in the U.S. Cycling consumers spend $4,000 to $10,000 a year on cycling and related products. There are 2,000 to 60,000 high-end consumers at 30+ race events throughout the year. We give you the best value for your dollar in exposure. Our team will provide continuous exposure for your company in racing and in training, magazine and newspaper coverage, riding & racing clinic, websites, video, etc. We race from January to December for one full year of exposure.

We have more demographic profiles available on request.

Race Team Sponsorship Program:

Steven K Sports is seeking partners & sponsors of all levels to support their Mountain Bike Race Team. In order for the team to perform at their peak and represent your products to the best of their abilities, financial support is needed for travel expenses, race entry fees, and monetary incentives for the racers.  Complete race bikes, training bikes, and spare parts are needed. The more you provide the team with, the more prominent your logo will be in our unique form of advertising, and the more exposure you will receive.

We are seeking one Main Title Sponsor to provide the highest level of sponsorship and have the optimum logo placement on the team jersey and vehicles.  There are a limited number of co-sponsor spaces available for your company to participate as a supporter of the team.  Capitalize on this opportunity to show consumers that your products can perform at the highest level of racing by having a Professional Cycling Team use and promote them.

Sponsorship Starts Here:

Title sponsor & Co-title sponsor logo is placed in the white area of the jersey and shorts.

Title Sponsor Cost: $35,000

Co-Title Sponsor cost: $15,000

Team Support and Support sponsor's logos will be in the gray areas:

Product Sponsor:  Provides enough free racing product for the team for 1 year, Example $1,800 value at manufacturer's cost.  You will get logo on back pocket of jersey and website.

Personal appearances: $350 for 1 rider, $150 for each additional rider + travel expenses. This is for riding & racing clinics, how-tos, etc.

Team Goals:

The Team Goals: We will strive to get as much exposure as possible for our sponsors, and to continue to be the #1 Mountain Bike Race team in California and one of the top teams in the Western states.To top 5 at National Championships races, and Sea Otter, Leadville, and dominate California races. 

2012 Top Race Results:

1st overall XC Rim Noradic Race Series
1st overall XC US Pro Cup West Series
1st overall XC Cal Golden State Series
1st overall XC Fontana Winter Series
4th in the California State XC Championships Race

We are on the podium at 98% of are races. 

2011 Top Race Results:

1st overall Pro Keyesville Classic 
3rd overall Pro in the Kenda Pro Cup west race series
3rd overall in the Verizon's Over The Hump - The biggest Mtn. Bike 12-stage race in the U.S.
2nd & 5th in the Rim Nordic 4-stage race series 
Top 10 Pro XC rider in the U.S.
18th place in Leadville - the biggest mountain bike race in the U.S. 
To date we have been on the podium 32+ times in 2011

We are on the podium at 96% of are races. 

2010 Top Race Results:

#1 Pro Super D & XC 29er Team in the US.
#1 Pro Super D rider in the US Top.
10 Pro XC rider in the US.
3rd overall Pro in the US Pro Cup.
#1 Pro rider overall in CA.
3rd overall Pro in the US Pro Cup Super D.
1st overall Pro in the Southridge Winter Series CA.
1st overall Pro in the Over The Hump Series.
Our team was on the podium 37+ times in 2010

We are on the podium at 98% of are races. 






Steven K, On Velonews website. One of the biggest in the US.




Steven K is in these issues, MBA is one of the biggest mountain bike mag's in the world.






O.C. Register Newspaper has a readership of over 4 million.




NMBC Race Ads:



Please contact Steve Kinney at (909) 855-3359 or email: to discuss options and negotiate your level of support.  Become a part of our Pro Team today and show your community and the world that your products can win at the races!