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2013 Steven K Sports Race Team News and Updates!



8-25-13 Rim Nordic, Race #3 the finals, Steven K, 6th in the pro xc race and 7th pro overall. Not happy with 7th but that's racing.








Aug.10-11 2013 Rim Nordic Stage race.
Pro Hill Climb 7th, Pro Super D 3rd, Pro Dirt Crit 5th, Pro XC 5th, So Steven K got 5th Pro overall at the stage race.

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7-14-13 Rim Nordic, Race #2, Another hot one Steven K battle it out all race but only ended up 8th, tuff day!








6-30-13 Rim Nordic, Race #1 It was a hot one avg. temp 100! At 7000ft. Steven K got 7th,








Steven K is toughing it out in Big Bear Lake Ca. at the California State Mtb Pro XC Championships. The first clime was a bitch! 1000+ feet for the first 3 miles. And the traffic on the single track, well it was NOT fun. I got 10th, so that means I'm ranked #10 Pro Rider in California State. Considering everything that's going on in my life, I'm good with that.








4-28-13 US Cup Sycamore Canyon, Riverside CA. Steven K got 6th in the pro race, It was a hot one, the average temp was 101!







2013 Southridge Winter Series Fontana Ca. 2nd overall XC Fontana Winter Series.







‎3-9-13 Southridge Winter Series Fontana Ca Race #5 finals.

Steven K got 3rd in the race, and 2nd overall in the 5 race series. Had some drama with my bottom bracket and broke my front hub, it was also a fun drive down the hill. The roads were Icy & dangerous until about 4000 ft. and I live at 7000ft. But with all that I still got 3rd!







2-23-13 Race #4, Steven K got 4th at Southridge Winter Series Race Fontana Ca.

4th is on the podium, Now with one more race to go he is leading the series!







2-9-13 Race #3, Steven K got 1st at Southridge Winter Series Fontana Ca.

He got the lead on the frist lap and didn't look back.







1-26-13 Race #2, Steven K got 3rd at Southridge Winter Series Fontana Ca. A lot of rain. mud etc!

Check out this news paper report!








1-16-13 Snow training in Big Bear Lake Ca. Check it out it in the Big Bear Grizzly Paper.








1-12-13 First race of the year Steven K placed 2nd at SRC Winter Series Fontana Ca.






{2012 News}

TEAM'S overall results for this year as of Aug 29 2012!

1st overall XC Rim Nordic Race Series
1st overall XC US Pro Cup West Series
1st overall XC Cal Golden State Series
1st overall XC Fontana Winter Series
4th in the California State XC Championships Race

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Rim Nordic Race Series Race #3 Finals, Aug 19 2012

Steven K win's the race series by over 100 points!








Rim Nordic Race Series Race #2, July 22 2012 Ca,

Even with a broken finger and a wrist injury, Steven K placed 1st in this race. He lead the race from start to finish, and now is leading the series!









Rim Nordic Race Series Race #1, July 1 2012 Ca,

Steven K, finished 2nd! It was a tuff day at the races. 3 days before the race he crashed and broke a finger and twisted his wrist. But on race day he got the job done, way to go Steven K!








California State XC Championships Race. June 17 2012 Big Bear Lake,

Steven K finished the race in 4th place! And now is ranked #4 in the state. Cool!







After finishing two race series so far this season (Southridge Winter Series and US Cup West Rock'n'Road) I feel that I have had a lot of fun and learned so much more about racing and how to handle my bike. The Southridge series was good because every race was on the same course, and after all the races I had figured out how to ride all the technical sections well. Every US Cup race was on a different course and this was exciting; sometimes I had to race a course that I had never seen. I had a great season, winning the overall in both race series! I was also lucky to race the whole season without one single technical incident with my bike; a superior team mechanic and great gear help a lot. Now, I can't wait for the next race. Fight on!









US Cup Series West Finals in Big Bear Ca. June 3 2012.

Veronica E, finished the race in 2nd place, With that she won the overall race series. Steven K finished the race in 4th place!









US Cup West Sagebrush Safari CA. 2012 May 20. Veronica E, Wins!









Fun in the sun at the Cal Golden State series 2012 May 5, Fontana Ca.

Steve K, Wins the race and the series! A special thanks to Donny at Southridge USA









US, Cup West Santa Ynez CA. 2012 April 29. Veronica E, Wins!








US, Cup West Sycamore Canyon 2012 April 1, Riverside, CA.

Veronica E, gets 4th, race Team Captain Steve K, got 13th and some good points! It was his first big race out!









US CUP 3 FONTANA CITY MTN NATIONAL 2012 March 24-25, Fontana, CA.

Veronica E, Wins! Tuff day for Race Team Captain Steve K & rider Steve M









2012 March 10/11 Triple Crown at Bonelli Park Ca,

Veronica E, got 2nd way to go! Steve M, tuff it out a got some great points!









2012 March 4, Triple Crown Race at Vail Lake Ca,

Veronica E, & Steve M, Were both duking it out in the 95+ heat, an got some great points!







2012 March 3, Race 5, Southridge CA.

Veronica E, She got 2nd again! She is the Overall winner at Fontana Winter Series.







2012 Feb 18, Race 4, Southridge CA.

She got 2nd again! Veronica E. is now leading the series.








2012 Feb 4, Race 3, Southridge CA.

Great race weekend, Veronica E. rocked it, She got 2nd again!








Jan 21 2012. Race 2, Southridge Ca, New Rider,Veronica E. got 2nd.

I had fun, and finished with a second place, Much better than last race, yay! I felt like I won, even though I “just” finished second. Fun race, great venue. I’m already looking forward to the next Southridge race in Fontana two weeks from now. Fight on!







Jan 7 2012. Race 1, Southridge Ca, New Rider,Veronica Eliasson got 3rd.

The race was technical. I gained time on the uphills and lost time on the technical descents. The bike felt really good and it was fun to ride. I finished the race in third place! I like the race at Fontana, it has a lot of single track and it is a fun course.

Until next race, two weeks from now, I'll train more on technical stuff so I don't lose as much time on the descent. Fight on!







{2011 races}

2011 Steven K Sports Race Team News and Updates!

Oct. 8, 2011, Pro Rider Vincent Lombardi Raced the Roc-de azur France. He was the top U.S. rider, he placed 37th overall out of 3700+ riders. It is the biggest MTB race in the world, all the top World Cup riders were there! In the photo below there is 55+ riders in front of him. Vince is circled in yellow.








torphy1Oct. 1 & 2, 2011 Cal State Championships, Vail Lake, CA, Steven K Sports Pro rider Eric Bierman placed 7th in the SoCal Epic 50, Saturday, it was HOT 98+ degrees. Vincent Lombardi placed 5th in the Pro at the Specialized Pro Invitational, XC. on Sunday, it was a HOT one too,100+ degrees.







torphy1September 10th started extra early for me, 3 a.m!! By 3:30 a.m. I was eating my favorite pre-race breakfast of oatmeal with a scoop of almond butter, cinnamon, and a couple of huevos, oh and lets not forget the cup-of-joe for that early morning sprint warm up to the bathroom. At 4:15 a.m. I set out on the road for an 80-mile drive to the Freedom 50 MTB race in San Diego that had a start time of 7 a.m.
I arrived at the race venue a little after 5:30 a.m. in the dark. I headed over to registration and picked up my race packet and began doing all of the necessary pre-race bike and body checks.
At 7 a.m. I lined up at the start, the horn blew and off went 50+ brave souls trekking out to race the 100 miler. Five minutes later my group of 100+ racers set out at the horn to race the 50 miler.
The start was on a paved road climb that was about 1/4 mile long and then turned into dirt while I continued to climb. I quickly sprinted through the group to grab second wheel going into the dirt.
Myself and another rider began pulling away from the field. Now about 6 miles in we had a 30-second gap over two riders that were chasing to get on with us. Knowing we still had 44 miles to go, I decided to ride tempo until the other 2 riders bridged the gap.
Now with 4 riders (2 of which were teammates that frequent the area) we started laying down some fast miles allowing the local knowledge of the 2 in the group to steer us around the somewhat marked course without getting lost. At about mile marker 20, nature called, and as gentlemen we all stopped and relieved ourselves before continuing on chasing the 100-mile racers ahead.
By mile 30 we had caught, passed, and disposed of all the 100-mile racers except for the top 2 that were only 3 minutes ahead. Now with the last 10 miles to go we started hitting all the climbs heading to the finish. Each of us took turns setting our own tempo, hoping the others would cry "Uncle!" We all stayed together until mile 48 when one rider went off the front (local knowledge) on the fire road climb. The remaining 3 of us tried to bridge but found it too difficult and began to drift back.
Now sitting 4th overall I "hit" the final descent home, I repeat "HIT", as my wheels slid out from under me on a high speed off- camber turn that mother nature left marbles on I think. With my feet still in the pedals and hands still on the bars I did my best Jiu-Jitsu moves to remove myself from the bike and re-mount. A bit dazed from all the efforts and the blows to the head and body, I cruised to the finish in 4th place with a time of 3 hours and 31 minutes, just 2 minutes shy of the winning time.
So overall it was a great race for me since it was the first time I have ever "raced" a 50-mile MTB event. I now look forward to the Otober 1st 50 mile MTB Marathon Championships @ Vail Lake in the hot/dry Temecula, CA valley which has a more reasonable start time of 9am ;)







torphy1Well, the 2011 Irvine Lake "Over the Hump Mountain Bike Race Series" has come to an end. The 12- race series, which has an average of 400 racers for 12 Tuesdays starting in May, has turned in to the most talked about race series in Southern California. Not only did it grab its own 4-page article/pictorial in the September issue of Mountain Bike Action (pages 124-127), but it also attracted the attention of some of the top Mtb, Cross, and Road Pro Racers in Southern California and in the World. I was fortunate enough to race against the likes of former Australian National Champ Sid Taberlay, multi-time National and World Champion Brian Lopes, former National Champ and current Masters World Champ David "Tinker" Juarez. Oh, and did I forget to mention Liqui Gas Cannondale rising Pro Tour star Peter Sagan along with his brother Juraj Sagan.
Needless to say, with those skilled racers to compete against my plate would be full! Throughout the series I tried to ride as consistent as possible each week, (juggling a family, a home business and a Pro Race/Training schedule can cause one to question ones own sanity). The race is basically like a fast dirt crit with plenty of drafting, strategy, and dodging slower lapped racers.
Though I missed placing any higher than a 2nd place I felt like a champ each week being able to "bang bars" with the likes of the talent that lined up next to me.
So with the 2011 "OTH" series done with a 3rd overall (and plenty of swag) I will be focusing now on the "Freedom" 50miler Mtb race September 10th, a few Rounds of the SC Velo Triple Crown Series in September, October, and November, the So. Cal. Marathon Championships October 1 and the So. Cal. Super D stage race October 8th, so long as life permits...................Keep it on two wheels......... as long as they are connected to a Redline 29er.............Eric Bierman Team Steven-K Sports.







torphy1 torphy1torphy1 7-31-11 Rim Nordic Race 4 and race Overalls.

Vince & Steve raced the entire 4-race series at Rim Nordic. Vince took off like a rocket in race #4 and set a blistering pace. On the last lap Vince started to feel the effects of Leadville from the week before and his pace started to taper off. He lost less than a minute to the winner. Steve was caught in between riders by himself for most of the race. At the end of race #4, Vince placed 2nd and Steve placed 6th. In the overall standings Vince was 2nd in the series and Steve was 5th.







8-13-11 Leadville 100 CO.

Pro Rider Vincent Lombardi Finished 18th at the Leadville 100 in 7hrs. 5min! Leadville Trail 100 is the Biggest MTB race in the US! With 1500+ Riders from all over the world, It was his first time at Leadville 100, and he ROCKED IT!.

Since I learned that this year it was possible to be qualified for the Leadville 100 through specific qualifying races, I decided to focus the first part of my season on the Californian Pro XCT races (Bonelli, Fontana, and Sea Otter Classic). Then after a break, prepare for the Leadville qualifying race in Tahoe and the Leadville 100 itself by accumulating long distance training. It turned out to be pretty hard, since I cannot ride more than 2 hours during the work week. I did 4 to 9 hours rides during the weekend while racing at elevation at the Rim Nordic Series. I for sure did not have really good feelings during these races and arrived at the qualifier race in Tahoe not very confident. I had a very conservative ride there and secured a spot at the Leadville 100 with a 3rd place. I took the week before the Leadville 100 off and progressively arrived at Leadville at 10,000 feet of elevation to slowly acclimate my body to this crazy elevation. Again, I did not feel good during my pre-ride of the course seeking oxygen! Saturday, August 13th, at 6:30am, I did not really know where I was going when the shotgun gave the start! The "pace car" that was supposed to neutralize the start rode down the first part of the course at 40 MPH! The race was already fast and it was tough to hold my position. The first climb came very fast and that's only at this point that I got that I was ready for this race. I moved up progressively in the second group without especially suffering and rode along Bart Brentjens and other former top ten finishers till the beginning of the Columbine mine climb. I did a very good ascent and started my way back to the finish line in a group for the 12th position. After 80 miles, I had a hard time finding food to eat and started to get dehydrated. I had to stop at the aid station to eat and drink but finished strong in 18th place! For a first Leadville 100, I am pretty happy with this performance, especially with the risky training strategy I chose! Vincent Lombardi.








8-6-11 Tour de Big Bear Road Race, CA.

Here is Steven K, after 70+mi. He was in 4th place when he got a flat before the big climb. No tech support! He fell back into the top 20. He fixed the flat and flew up the climb, in the end he placed 7th.







torphy1torphy1 7-31-11 Rim Nordic #3 CA.

Rain rain & more rain! The D.G. and
mud were grinding up the gears, the brakes, and the chains of every racer. This is when mountain bike racing really gets fun!
Vince place 3rd and Steve place 5th. One more race to go in this








torphy17-10-11 Rim Nordic Race #2 CA.

Vince, placed 2nd, Steve K, placed 7th.







torphy1torphy1torphy16-26-11 Rim Nordic Race #1 CA.

Vince, placed 4th, Steve K, placed 9th. In the Cat 1 Race: Ted placed1st, and Steve M placed 2nd.







torphy16-21-11 Over The Hump Race # 3 CA,

Eric B placed 3rd and now leads the series in the Pro XC, With one race to go!







torphy1Kenda Pro Cup West Overalls

Vince placed 3rd, Way to go!






torphy16-19-11 Kenda Pro Cup #7 Final, Big Bear Lake Ca.

Vince 3rd, Eric 6th, Steve 10th with 4 FLATS!






torphy1June, 7th 2011, Over The Hump Race #2 CA,

Eric B placed 4th.







2011 6-5-11 Kenda Cup #6, Santa Ynez, CA.

Vince placed 6th, This was one tough and super muddy race!







torphy1May 24th, 2011, Over The Hump Race #1 CA,

Pro Racer Eric B, got 3rd. A Big Pro field and Super Fast! It had a super sticky mud section. By the end of the race the bikes were caked.








May-22-11 2011 Kenda Cup West #5 Big Bear Lake CA,

Disaster in Big Bear! Broken parts, and fried legs. One good thing, here is the team photo.







torphy14-30/ -1-11 Idyllwild Spring Challenge CA,

After the Sea Otter Classic, Vince kept training seriously even if he started to feel a little tired after an intense Spring of racing. Manny climbed the first hill at a fast pace and they both then formed a group of 3 with Menso De Jong (Wonderful Pistachios road Pro team). They stayed together until the top of the Mid Southridge Trail, but Vince was not able to follow those guys closely in the fast, long and technical descent. Vince finished at his pace and took the 3rd position of this incredible race. Probably one of the best courses Vince has ever seen in 15 years of racing!







4-14/17-11 Sea Otter Classic CA

Vince Lombardi started in the back of the pack since he doesn't have any UCI points, but with the wide open start on the race track he managed to reach the top 50 despite several crashes. Then a very tactical race started since the course was 50% road 50% "trail". Vince drafted a lot and attacked hard on the short climbs to jump from one group to another. He rode first in a group with Ned Overend, then caught another group with Tinker Juarez, nice experience for Vince to ride with these legends! At the beginning of the last lap, Vince belonged to a group vying for the 30th position. He felt that he still had a lot of power in his legs and attacked in the "long" climb at the back of the course and was at this moment 29th. Unfortunately, when back on the race track, Vince was caught by a guy with more appropriate gears than him for this very specific course. Vince finished 30th with an average speed of 17.5MPH, is it still MTB???







April 3rd, 2011 Kenda Cup West #4 SYCAMORE CANYON PARK, RIVERSIDE, CA

Vincent got 7th in the Pro XC, it was his first ride on the new bike.








3-26/27-2011 Pro XTC Race# 2, Kenda Cup West #3 Fontana CA, US Cup

Pro rider Vincent Lombardi, finished 25th of the XC Saturday. He started on the 4th lines but was blocked by a crash after 1 minute of race. His pedal got stuck in the wheel of another guy and He lost a lot of positions... After that He passed a lot of guys but it was too late to reach the top 20.








torphy13-19-11 Keyesville Classic

Pro rider Vincent Lombardi, Wins the Pro XC by 2 minutes! With some big names in the race.









3-12-11 Bonelli Park Kenda Cup West #2- Pro Triple Crown #1

Steven K's Pro rider Vincent Lombardi
finnish in the top 25, with a large field of some 85 elite racers, including the top riders in North America. And we also got a great pic on Velonews website.








torphy12-27-11 Sage Brush Safari #1 CA

Pro rider, Vincent Lombardi, got 3rd place, He had a big mechanical on the last lap, And he still got 3rd great job Vincent!!









torphy12-12-11 Foothill Classic in Bakersfield CA.

Vincent Lombardi, Was victorious!









torphy11-22-11 Fontana's SRC Winter Series Race #2. CA.

We are the #1 29er Pro Team in the US in Super D/XC. First of the year for Eric B. he had a mechanical but was able to get 5th.