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Super Downhill: Eric Bierman decimated the Pro Super D division at Southridge.





torphy111-24-07 Steven K Sports 2008 Pro Team

Eric Bireman: Super D

Steve Kinney: Cross-Country, Super D

Michelle Rivera: Downhill, Super D




torphy1SOUTHRIDGE Sunday Nov.18 2007, FONTANA, CA, OUR LAST RACE OF THE SEASON WAS A GOOD ONE! Michelle Rivera competed in the Pro Downhill and won the race by 10 seconds. Two first places in two days! Way to go!

torphy1torphy1SOUTHRIDGE Sat. Nov. 17, 2007, FONTANA, CA, Pro Riders Eric Bierman and Michelle Rivera both won the Pro Super D by over a minute. It was a reverse start at 30-second intervals. Michelle went first and never looked back. Eric went with the last group and had to pass 7 riders on the first climb, and 2 riders in the technical section to win.







torphy1October 20, 2007 Michelle Rivera placed 1st in the Pro Super D at Rim Nordic




torphy1October 19, 2007 Eric Bierman placed 2nd in the Pro Super D at Northern California State Championships Overall. Eric is 2nd in the State and 5th in the U.S. Way to go Eric!

eric go






October 14, 2007 Chuck Jenkins 1st Sean Donovan 2nd & Hal Helbock 3rd in the Pro race, Romolo Forcino 2nd in the Semipro race all co sponsor by Steven K Sports Team rider Eric Bierman placed 3rd in the Exp race at the INCYCLE XC CHALLENGE at Bonelli Park in San Dimas, CA they decided to step things up with a $2500 purse. Cash was paid out to the top three riders Chuck looks good in the California state jersey.

C xc Cal






Eric Bierman The fastest 29er in the World!!


team sks 29er







California State Championships Overall , Big Bear Shoot out 2 Race #7 Cytomax/KHS Racer Chuck Jenkins also sponsored by STEVEN K SPORTS, won the Pro California State Championships overall. His team mate Hal, placed 4rd overall, and Team Captain STEVE KINNEY placed 8th overall. Ex-STEVEN K SPORTS racer Cameron Brenneman placed 2nd overall. Bear Valley Bikes / Steven K Sports had 13 racers on the podium at the California State Championships Overalls in their divisions.








torphy1Newspaper article highlighting Bear Valley Bikes/STEVEN K SPORTS racer Steve Marshall winning the California State Series in his division- WAY TO GO STEVE!!







torphy1Rim Nordic Finals August 26, 2007 Team Captain Derek Hermon, of Bear Valley Bikes / Steven K Sports wins the team overall title 2 years in a row!







torphy1Rim Nordic Finals August 26, 2007 Pro Rider Steve Kinney was still recovering from his injuries due to being hit by a car, he was able to walk away with 3rd Place in the Cross Country and 3rd Overall in the Series.

rim overall






torphy1Rim Nordic Stage Race August 4-5, 2007 included a Hillclimb, Dirt Crit and Cross Country. In his first race since being hit by a car, Pro Rider Steve Kinney placed 2nd in the Hill Climb, 1st in the Dirt Crit. In the cross country he had two flats and had to change a wheel and placed 7th. Steve Kinney was still able to get 2nd overall in the Stage Race.


rim BBG





National Championships Overall in Snowmass Colorado JULY 17-22, 2007. Pro Rider Eric Bierman placed 11th in the Super D Finals which put him in 5th Place Overall in the National Championship SuperD Series! Way to go Eric!!





Cougar Classic JULY 6-8 Pro rider Michelle Rivera The sun was out and shining hard but with a nice breeze which made it bearable. The race started as the tweaked version of the Le Man’s start headed with a running sprint to our bicycles in a 60 ft semi-circle where we hopped on and rode up the dry grassy hill about 75 meters then drop the bikes and ran back to touch the line where we picked them up and back to our bikes and finally onto the race course. Down the gravel road we sprinted and tucked. The course was mostly fire road and gravel strewn blacktop. Racers focused on staying tight through some of the off camber gravel laced corners but all was safe and fun.






On June 27 Steve Kinney had his accident with a Ford Explorer I was riding my bike with him.  We were carefully descending on the 2N10 road on the right side of the road when a truck came around a corner at us out of control.  We did all we could to avoid hitting the truck, but it was on our side of the road and Steve was not able to get out of the way of the truck. Steve flew over the truck head over heels and landed on his feet. I was able to get off of the road and into the trees just in time to avoid being hit as I was just behind Steve.  After the truck hit Steve it continued to drive up the road running over Steve’s bike and it was about to run over my bike when I went out into the road and pulled it away.

Romolo Forcino






RIM NORDIC XC SERIES RACE #1 JUNE 24 Pro rider Steve Kinney got 7th, For the first race Rim Nordic treated us to the traditional 7.5-mile circuit. A single lap dishes up 1100 feet of climbing. But you never feel it! That's because the climbing you are doing is absolutely so tight and so busy, and requires so much bike handling to do, it's absolutely too much fun. So you never really feel it. All you know is that the mission is to make it to the top, clear the gradually ascending fire road, and then to embark on the thrill of a lifetime. The return trip back to the start/finish is unlike any other. The trail, much of it singletrack, winds it's way down some of the best topography that the San Bernardino National forest has to offer. You're absolutely flying; carving turns, floating bumps, and constantly reminding yourself how absolutely cool this is.


OCR rim





CALIFORNIA STATE #3 SANTA BARBARA JUNE 2 Pro rider Steve Kinney placed 8th, and Expert rider Dean Swank placed 1st. After last year's 90-degrees-plus meltdown, riders were happy to see cool temperatures with the sun only making an appearance in the afternoon. Many of the Southern California locals already have months of racing behind them, so this break from extremely hot temperature offered a welcome relief. The 4.34 mile course has tons of flowing singletrack turns with fun and loose downhill sections. A couple of fire road and road climbs are thrown in for the climbers. Staged in a
beautiful park, it was a lively festival with music, vendor booths, food and a beer garden.




torphy1CALIFORNIA STATE DOWNHILL CHAMPIONSHIPS JUNE 2&3, New Pro rider Michelle Rivera won the race and takes the California State DH title overall !! It was hot and dry. The course was very sketchy even for Southern California standards and riders had to focus on not sliding out. By race day the ruts were deep and dusty powder was par for the course. The course was more difficult than had initially appeared. After each successive run lines were getting deeper and deeper with more powder produced.







CAL STATE SERIES #2 CASTAIC LAKE CA MAY 20, 2007- Team Rider Steve Kinney The weather was beautiful in the mid 80's this weekend. Steve had a tough time in the cross country, but was able to hang with his group to place 8th in Pro. There was over 4500 feet of climbing in this 4 lap race.

s clake c lake s clake 1

torphy1Steve Marshall won in his class in the Cross Country, Here on the podium at Castaic.

sm clake




NATIONAL MOUNTAIN BIKE SERIES #3 FONTANA CA, MAY 4-5-6, 2007- PRO Team Riders Steve Kinney & New rider Michelle Rivera & Eric Bierman The Super D started with running up a hill, around a cone, back down the hill, grabbing their bikes and pedaling to the finish. Eric missed the podium by half a second, but he is 6th overall in the U.S. in Super D. Michelle Rivera got 15th in the Pro Women Down Hill, Team Captain Steve Kinney toughed it out in the cross country race, but was able to finish the race with some points.

s fon 2 m rivera4 e fon 1

ride fon

BVB SKS TEAM Dan Neilson placed 5th in the Super D, Derek Hermon placed 35th in the cross country, Steve Marshall won in his class in the Cross Country and placed 7th in the Super D, Romolo Forcino placed 13th in the Cross Country.

d fon 4 dh fon 6 sm fon r fon 3

torphy1Steve Marshall cross country podium

sn fon 7




NATIONAL MOUNTAIN BIKE SERIES #2 SANTA BARBARA CA, April 28-29, 2007 Eric Bierman placed 8th in the Pro Super D, Derek Hermon of team BVB/SKS placed 16th in the Pro Super D. Team BVB/SKS riders Dan Neilson placed 7th and Steve Marshall placed 9th in the Super D race. Another team that Steven K Sports supports is the Cyto/KHS team riders Sean Donovan placed 20th, Hal placed 24th and Chuck placed 25th in the Pro Cross Country.



SEA OTTER CA, April 12-13-14-15, 2007 . It was typical bad weather at Sea Otter. Rain, wind, mud, etc. The weather did get a little better on Sunday, the rain stopped but it was still cold. Another team that Steven K Sports supports is Charles Jenkins from Team Cyto/KHS placed 32nd in the Pro Cross Country. In the Pro 1.2. Road Crit Joe Wiley placed 13th, BVB/SKS rider Romolo Forcino placed 31st in the cross country. BVB/SKS Rider Dean Swank placed 5th in the cross-country.



NATIONAL MOUNTAIN BIKE SERIES #1 FOUNTAIN HILLS, AZ, March 30, 2007 – April 1, 2007, Eric Bierman raced in the Pro Super D. The course was flat by Super D standards, it was fun and fast. Eric was doing great until the half way point, when he started to cramp up and the power in his legs went. He ended up in 18th place. Team BVB rider Romolo Forcino, raced in the Semi-Pro cross country. He set a good pace for himself at the beginning and finished 6th, just missing the podium.



CAL STATE SERIES #1 SAN DIMAS, CA , MAR 25. Team Riders Steve Kinney & Eric Bierman raced in a 35 rider field. Steve placed 14th in the PRO class. It was his first race of the year. This was Eric's first XC race on his new bike, he placed 14th in the SEMI-PRO class.



torphy1CAL STATE SERIES #1 SAN DIMAS, CA, MAR 25. Team BVB Bikes Riders Steve Marshall & Romolo Forcino, Steve placed 1st in the 34 and under Clydesdale, Romolo placed 6th in the Semi-Pro class.

Steve M

steve m


torphy1SOUTHRIDGE WINTER SERIES #5 Saturday, Mar. 10, Team Rider Eric Bierman Got 2nd in the Pro Super D. He missed 1st by 1second, he blew a shift and that was that. The good news is he won the series with one race to go! More info soon!



torphy1SOUTHRIDGE WINTER SERIES#4 Saturday, Feb. 24, Team Rider Eric Bierman Wins again, 1st in Pro Super-D, and leading the race series. No one can touch him at this point for the overall series win! More info soon! www.mbaction.com/detail.asp?id=2200

eric fon


torphy1SOUTHRIDGE WINTER SERIES#3 Saturday, Feb.10, Team Rider Eric Bierman, 1st in Pro open single speed, 2nd in Pro Super-D in the same day!! www.mbaction.com/detail.asp?id=2190



torphy1SOUTHRIDGE WINTER SERIES#2 Saturday Jan. 27, 1st again in the Super D!! Pro Team Rider Eric Bierman,

After somehow being seeded 8th to start Sundays Super-D race @ :30sec. intervals I knew traffic would be an issue with 2 steep climbs on tap and lots of technical descents on the downhill course, which made many of the racers ponder their saddle height as not to go over the bars. Pro downhiller Michael Forest, who seeded first, took off like a bat out a hell and seemed to climb the first grade rather quick, and being a downhiller practicing the course all weekend I am sure he was hauling' on the descents. I took off hard off the start trying to gain as much time on the competitors who started ahead of me. I caught two of the riders on the downhill course and was held up for quite a few turns before one was smart enough to realize they had been caught and allowed me to pass in a nasty rock garden that my "Magura Breaking -Jamis Dakar" floated through with comfort. At the finish I was concerned that my time was slowed considerably by the traffic on course knowing I lost valuable seconds. Once the times were posted I was pleased to see my efforts paid off.





torphy1SOUTHRIDGE WINTER SERIES #1, Sunday Jan. 14 - Pro Team Eric Bierman kicked butt in the Super D, winning by over 30+ seconds!




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